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David Blonski

David is a multi-media artist working in jewelry design, music & video production, digital art prints and labyrinth building.  His primary focus in the gallery is his bronze fusion jewelry that he first created in the 1970’s.  Each piece he makes is one-of-a kind, forged from bronze wire and rod using a jeweler’s torch to sculpt and flow the metal into its finished form using a free-hand technique rarely seen called "fusion".  


David’s music, mostly instrumental, interprets the peaceful and joyful moods evoked by the natural wonders of our planet while celebrating its rich multi-cultural diversity.  Blonski has been a prolific composer over the last 30 years and he has a number of original CD’s and DVD’s to choose from at the Gallery.


David’s Fractal Art was initially used as multi-media content for his live concert performances and then later went into video productions and printed media.  He creates his images on a computer using mathematical formulas capable of creating an infinite number of points in space that are arranged in unusual organic patterns.  By using different formulas, color palettes and filters, he searches for new and unexplored "fractal realms" to create vibrant original images.  David's larger prints are printed as one of a kind originals but cards and smaller matted prints are done in limited quantities.

blonski bracelet bronze
fractal spiral 3
fractal 1
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