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Doris Gorin

Paintings in this collection, prices start at $90. and go up to $245.  If you have an interest, please contact Doris Gorin at for further information

Watercolor and Oils


Doris Gorin has been doing art for most of her adult life.  She has been inspired by many local artists and enjoys painting both plein air and in her studio.  When painting, she will put a special emphasis on composition.  Source material is typically from her own photos, captured from local scenes and travel experiences.  These compositions will usually involve water…moving, still, and reflections.  Other favorite compositions will be flower close-ups.  Each painting will have a special meaning and memory, which is very therapeutic. 

Doris loves painting in Watercolor.  The water and paints will move in ways unpredictable at times, and that is part of the fun.  Frequently she will paint wet into wet for the background and mid-ground and then tighten up for the foreground to add more detail.  Transparency and leaving “light” is always a goal she tries to achieve in her watercolors.  Sonja Hamilton, SWA has been a great inspiration and teacher of watercolor.   Doris has also studied watercolor under Jim Estey and attended workshops with Dale Laitenen and Don Andrews.

Oil painting is another passion.  Doris started in oil paints more than 30 years ago, and still pulls them out for various workshops and plein air painting.  Oil painting is more forgiving than watercolor, and allows for more layering of colors.  Doris likes the feel of the paint as it flows from the brush and the effects that it makes when layered.   She will often use a pallet knife when painting in oils, allowing for a more textural effect.  Doris has had the privilege of painting in oil workshops with Gregory Kondos, Randall Strauss, and Kit Night.

Horse closeup, oil
Half Dome in light, Watercolor
Heron's Home, Lower Klamath Lake, oil
Light on Cronin, Oil
Lower Falls View, Yosemite Falls, Waterc
Elegant Egret, Watercolor
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