October Artist of the Month: Stacey Wyatt - Chainmaille


During the month of October, Art On the Divide Cooperative Gallery is featuring Chainmaille artist Stacey Wyatt, who creates jewelry and structural art with her manipulation of many metal rings into wearable art.  Her love of history brought Stacey to begin exploring the ancient art of Chainmaille and the creation of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and structural pieces such as her Spheres from the versatile rings of sterling silver, gold, stainless steel or aluminum -- sometimes with the addition of Swarovski crystals.  She is currently at work on a dress made entirely of aluminum Chainmaille rings, the largest structural piece she has yet attempted.  Stacey estimates the final count of woven rings will be 50,000! 

Wyatt retired seven years ago from ownership of a software company in Pleasanton, CA. to move to the Georgetown Divide with her husband, John.  He pitched in to convert an extra bedroom in their home into the “Ring Room” with a custom work table and storage for thousands of rings.  When it comes to inspiration, it may come from a painting, a piece of clay, some hand-carved wood or even something as mundane as an advantageous find in the backyard.  Sometimes the result is quirky or eclectic, maybe even luxurious or sentimental.  Steampunk, a fictional time period, is one style that lends itself well to Chainmaille as does the subject of dragons.   History + fantasy = Chainmaille originals. 
Stacey hopes to resume her plan to offer a beginner course in Chainmaille at the art gallery in the future when social distancing isn’t needed.  In the meantime, please visit AODC to browse and shop Stacey’s many unique metal creations.  Hopefully you can catch the artist when she is staffing the gallery because she enjoys meeting people and exploring custom ideas with them.  Stacey is able to customize sizes for customers when needed, right there in the gallery so they can leave with their new purchases.  As Stacey says, “...touching Chainmaille is the best feel of all”.  

Its 2020 - AODC Celebrates a Decade on the Divide, your local source for gifts and fine art.

We are excited to start our 10th year on the Divide with a continued celebration of the Arts

AODC gallery currently has twelve local artists.  Artists have joined, left for various reasons, and new ones have replaced the vacancies.  The gallery is open to artists that provide something new and different.  If you or someone you know is looking to join the gallery , the application and information regarding membership is on the website,

AODC artists continue to "refresh" the gallery monthly with new art.  Providing the community with workshops to teach various art techniques and receptions to showcase the art are typical of our monthly offerings.   We welcome feedback from the community to help us plan workshops.  What would you like to learn?  Past workshops have included jewelry, stained glass, mask making, collage and rose-pruning.

Directly behind the gallery is a historic rose garden that is maintained by the artists.  We have been fortunate to have the Divide Garden Club help with rose-pruning, and hope to continue with that collaboration.  They have also been generous in awarding the gallery many years of grants to help with this maintenance.

AODC gallery is pleased to provide a space for local student art, under the leadership of Susan Sasano, a local volunteer.  She reaches out to our local schools and will switch out the artwork regularly.

Congratulations 2020 ART Scholarship Awardees,...


Raelynn Davis (left) and Alysa Miller (right)

Divide Friends of the Arts and Historical Society (DFAHS) and Art On the Divide Gallery (AODC) are pleased to announce the awarding of our 2020 Arts Scholarships to Raelynn Davis and Alysa Miller.

Seven very talented artists applied for the scholarships this year and it was difficult to make the choices.  The committee finally decided to award the two $500.00 Scholarships to the students who will be majoring in Studio Arts.

Raelynn Davis is attending Humbolt State University and majoring in Studio Arts.  Raelyyn says that "she has a strong passion for art, acting and film making, and I sincerely hope to further develop these passions in college. I am currently undecided on what I want my career path to be, but I plan to profit off of my creative and expressionistic abilities."

Alysa Miller is starting her journey by attending Sierra College, and is not sure where her art will take her, as she is interested also in mental health and may use her art as a healing modality, or perhaps as an art teacher.

Please join us in congratulating these amazing young women as they accept their well-earned scholarships and proceed on their educational paths.


September's Invitational show - Sierra Inspirations

Thank you to our participating artists for making "Sierra Inspirations" such a lovely show.  During the pandemic, it was a welcome relief to visit the gallery and see all of the Sierra inspired pieces by the eighteen visiting artists.  Collectively they displayed forty pieces of art.  The show was installed for the month of September and enjoyed by many of the artists family and friends as well as our supporting local community. 

We offered all visitors the opportunity to vote for their favorite piece.  When all was tallied, we ended up with a tie.  Congratulations to Debbie Jaynes for her watercolor, "Seeing Into the Soul" and Bill Robinson for his photo "Clouds Over the Sierra".  

Participating Artists:  Martha Austin, Roberta Bassford, Cindy Bush, Claire Dwan, Debbie Jaynes, Jill Jensen, Sherrill Kulp, Gerry Litwin, Pat Lucas, Patricia McKinney, Teri Meyer, Jacqueline Morgan, Kae Murphy, Bill Robinson, Kathleen Ryan, Christine Springer, Diane Tharp, Karen Uhlman



Events Planned for 2020

AODC is still firming up new events.  Look for updates each month. Your ideas are welcomed.  Email us at or message through our facebook page, Art on the Divide Gallery

January -  Reflection on last ten years...a Decade on the Divide
February - Valentine Card Workshop, February 4, 2-4 p.m. in the gallery.
February 29th  - Rose Pruning Demonstration and Cuttings for You
March -  Covid 19 Closure - Closed until further notice, visit us online
April -  Closed - How Does Your Garden Grow, enjoy online images celebrating Spring.
May - Closed - Victor Larsen, Woodcraft,  featured artist, will be rescheduled
May - Mothers Day...Gifts for that special person in your life.
June - Gallery reopening June 5th
June - Garden Party Postponed, but please visit the garden starting June 5th
July - TBD
August - TBD
September - 7th Invitational Art show, "Sierra Inspirations"
October - Stacey Wyatt, Chainmaille jewelry and sculpture, to be the Featured Artist.  Follow-up chainmaille workshop after Artist Reception.  Dates TBA
November… “Art of Music” ...TBA
December, Music Munchies and Marvelous Art


Events are subject to change.

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