Steve DePue

Steve started working with wood at an early age.  While in college at Chico State University he was taken with wood-turning.   Steve comments, "Function and beauty go hand-in-hand. I feel pleased when my completed art captures the natural beauty of the grain of the wood and the piece has a practical usefulness ."  For twenty-one years at Golden Sierra High School, twelve years of which were wood shop, he helped teach others to learn woodworking skills and enjoy the rewards of creating their own wood projects.  In 1987 his students won 7 of 9 wood-turning awards at the California State Fair and were invited to give a demonstration for three days at the State Fair.

Steve is a self-taught wood turner but has had the opportunity to work with and be inspired by several renowned wood turners:  Robert Stocksdale, Del Stubbs, and Dale Chase.  Their precision and attention to detail is reflected in Steve’s own work, the accuracy of his turned pieces and the time taken to produce a high quality finish.  His favorite woods are local California walnut, oak, and Madrone that he has harvested himself.  “The grafted walnut is my favorite, not that it is rare, but there are very few if any wood turners who are aware of the beauty of this man-made jewel”, he describes reverently.  Grafted walnut trees are a product of walnut farming, grafting the black walnut root system to the English walnut top when the trees are just one to two years old.  The wood grows together as one with a distinct difference in the color and grain of the two woods.  You will usually see a few grafted pieces that Steve has created at the Gallery.  
Steve joined the Gallery in 2015 and enjoys the diverse collective of artists and their work at the Gallery.  Steve and his wife, Peggy, have resided in Greenwood since 1978 and raised a son and daughter who have left the nest to live in other parts of the state and country.  In his retirement woodworking and wood-turning are a main pastime and source of relaxation and peace.

Steve in workshop_edited