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Mary Adorno

Mary will be joining us in January 2023

as our "Featured Artist"

From a very early age, I was always involved in art. I became serious about doing art in my teens and have never stopped. My art has always been an expression of my spiritual self as I connect to the people, places and beauty that permeate my life. Many of my pieces are minimalist in that I am capturing a simple light reflection or the curve of the land. Color is a very large part of how I express my connection to the earth followed closely by line, texture and a high rate of contrast. I am drawn to abstracts and landscapes the most. Georgia O’Keefe was a big inspiration for me and I have been to Santa Fe where she lived most of her later years.


From an ego-less state of mind where there is no thought, only the response to the paint connecting with the canvas, I create the design of the piece. Feeling completely connected in the process by responding to the paint it feels as if the painting creates itself through the moment of pure ecstasy of being one with act of creativity. While images of paintings may be sketched out in advance, the piece is always transformed considerably in the process and often emerges in a completely different light from that which was originally the catalyst for the piece. In this way, my art is very transformative for me as an artist and my style is always changing. Not only is the original idea for the painting transformed but how I approach the piece is very open to what happens with the color and texture in the process of creating it.


I currently hold a degree in Psychology with a minor in Art. My art has always been a form of meditation for me and my hope is that it brings a feeling of softness and beauty to you and to the space where you choose to display it. Perhaps you’ll consider having me design a painting working directly with you on the color and feeling you’d like to have in one of your spaces. Creating custom art allows me to work with the person, see their style of decor and type of art they resonate to create a unique, one of kind work of art. All my paintings are one of kind and are never replicated in prints.


Instagram: artsyadorno

(916) 524-4850

adorno_ferris wheel
adorno_moon trees
adorno_Hetch Hetchy Ps
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